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Our Mission

Applying behavioral economics to sustainable investment outcomes

Sentiment Data

We produce the global standard in financial sentiment & ESG data derived from thousands of news and social media outlets

Asset Management

Our team develops alpha generation and risk management models based on behavioral principles

Investor Profiling

We integrate personality testing and practice management tools to help advisors better serve their clients

Our Data

The backbone of our research analytics

Real-Time and Multi-Dimensional

Scores are computed on a minutely basis for a variety of complex themes, sentiments, and sustainability topics using our proprietary natural language processing engine.

Global Entity Recognition

All major investable assets are tracked, including global bonds and stock indicies, currencies, commodities, and equities. Our entity recognition covers more than 30,000 global companies.

Comprehensive Source Coverage

Monitoring of all major news and social media outlets, both print and online, with history back to 1998. Continuously updated sources, including ESG monitors and regional stock message boards.

Our Global Team

Our passion is to generate sustainable wealth creation through technology

Richard Peterson, MD


Dr. Richard Peterson is CEO and founder of the MarketPsych brand. He leads MarketPsych's data and asset management divisions. He has trained thousands of professionals globally to leverage behavioral insights. Dr. Peterson is a board-certified psychiatrist.

Frank F Murtha, PhD


MarketPsych's co-founder, Dr. Frank Murtha specializes in helping others apply behavioral finance to build relationships, increase AUM and improve returns. He has consulted dozens of leading financial institutions and trained thousands of professionals.

Changjie Liu, MFE


Changjie Liu (CJ) is Head of Research at MarketPsych. He has more than twelve years of experience in investigating sentiment data, including seven years in MarketPsych. He leads the quant and web development team in planning and developing sentiment-based investment strategies and products.

Anthony Luciani, MSc


Anthony Luciani is a Quantitative Researcher at MarketPsych. He constructs and validates sentiment-based signals, with a focus on relative value strategies and using machine learning techniques. His research is built upon an education in mathematics and information theory, and his prior work in behavioral financial studies.

Tiago Q Teodoro, PhD


Tiago Teodoro is a Quantitative Researcher at MarketPsych. He specializes in applying statistical and machine learning methods towards sentiment usage in timing and event studies. He holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry as well as an MSc in Finance, with 15 publications in top scientific journals.

Diego Gutierrez


Diego Gutierrez is Chief Technology Officer at MarketPsych. He has more than twenty years of experience managing complex multitechnology projects, eight of which for MarketPsych. At MarketPsych, he architects natural language processing, systems interoperability and product distribution.

Dmytro Ivanysh


Dmytro Ivanysh is a Systems Engineer at MarketPsych, and highly experienced working with big data. At MarketPsych he is responsible for data pipelines and warehousing, distributed systems networking and process monitoring. He has been with MarketPsych for eight years.

Alexey Karakulov, MSc


Alexey Karakulov is a Data Engineer at MarketPsych. He develops quality assurance processes, investigates data anomalies, and develops customized deployments and integrations for clients. He has been with MarketPsych since 2013, and holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics.

We are also partnered with multiple academic teams, domain experts and development groups who bolster our research and data processing capabilities

Our Clients

We serve global funds, corporations, banks and brokerages in over 25 countries

Valued Partners

Clients in the Media

Latest Developments


November 25, 2021

Presenting on our stock price predictive model: "AI Model to Forecast Stock Prices Based on Textmining of News and Social Media" (Japanese)

November 15, 2021

Dr. Peterson is speaking on ESG and cryptocurrencies at LSEG's "Future of Finance Forum" in Carmel, CA, USA. Email us to inquire about attendance.

September 01, 2021

Our latest research and insights are posted on LinkedIn: Ronaldo Vs Coca-Cola, Inflation Modeling, ESG Controversies, Tracking Fear in Afghanistan

June 17, 2021

Sector selection example by NN Investment Partners using the Refinitiv MarketPsych Analytics (RMA) data

May 05, 2021

"Incorporating ESG Sentiment into Investment Strategies" - our May 6th webinar for APAC:

March 12, 2021

Join us March 17th, 2021 for an ESG seminar with NorQuant at 9:30am ET.

February 25, 2021

NN Investment Partners published research showing predictive value in our sovereign bond media sentiment scores.

February 17, 2021

Our new ESG data feed launches on February 17, 2021! It is market-leading in innovation, breadth, and granularity.

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