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Comprehensive sentiment scores using both AI and rules-based systems for classification, entity detection and despamming
Tracks both traditional news and social media outlets, supports multiple languages, available up to minutely resolution, and covers a multitude of topics:
Price Action & Prediction
Fundamentals & Management
Geopolitical & Economic Movements
Environmental, Sustainability and Governance
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LSEG MarketPsych Analytics
LSEG MarketPsych Analytics (LMA)
Using a patented natural language processing engine, MarketPsych Analytics turns unstructured text from thousands of curated news and social media sources into structured scores. The data provides highly dimensional analysis of high-quality news outlets, including the full Reuters real-time markets coverage. Refined spam detection and deduplication filters based on years of hand-on experience increase score relevance and reliability. Our feature-rich data stream tracks over a hundred sentiment scores for indices, stocks, commodities and currencies. Updated once a minute, the data can easily be used in dashboards and statistical tools for rapid investment-idea development.
LSEG MarketPsych Analytics (v4)
Company Groups
Country Markets
Energy and Material
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LSEG MarketPsych ESG Analytics
LSEG MarketPsych ESG Analytics (LMA-ESG)
LSEG MarketPsych ESG Analytics analyze corporate sustainability-related news and social media in near real-time. Powered by MarketPsych Data’s AI-based natural language processing engine, the analytics are derived from millions of daily articles in thousands of global news and social media outlets. They provide numerical ESG insights on companies and countries to drive better investment decisions.
LSEG MarketPsych ESG Analytics
Companies (ESG Core)
Companies (ESG Adv)
Countries (ESG Core)
Countries (ESG Adv)
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StarMine MarketPsych Media Sentiment
StarMine MarketPsych Media Sentiment (MMS)
The StarMine MarketPsych Media Sentiment Model (MMS) marks the first StarMine equity returns model based on news and social media sentiment. MMS shows significant top-bottom decile spreads as well as low correlations to traditional equity and StarMine factors. It is a stock ranking system that provides a 1 to 100 daily percentile ranking for over 16,000 global stocks. MMS complements the StarMine suite of equity models and follows a similar methodology in research and implementation.

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