Distilling the sentiments and
emotions of financial markets

Our Mission

Learning and understanding behavioral economics

Sentiment Data

To produce the standard in financial sentiment data across major news and social media outlets

Asset Management

Quantitatively explore and apply sentiment analytics in alpha generation and risk management

Investor Profiling

Uncovering investors' innate identity to help their financial advisors better serve them

Our Data

The backbone of our research analytics

Real-Time and Multi-Dimensional

Sentiment scores are computed on a minutely basis for a variety of complex emotions and macroeconomic topics using our proprietary language processing engine.

Global Entity Recognition

All major tradable assets are tracked, for country indicies, currencies, commodities, and equities. Entity recognition is done for more than 9000 global equities.

Comprehensive Source Coverage

Monitoring of all major news and social media outlets, both print and online, with history back to 1998. Continuously updated sources, including regional stock message boards.

Our Team

The ones with a curiosity of financial psychology

Richard Peterson, MD


Dr. Peterson is CEO of the MarketPsych group of companies where he leads MarketPsych's data and asset management division. He has trained thousands of professionals globally to leverage behavioral insights. Dr. Peterson is a board-certified psychiatrist.

Frank F Murtha, PhD


Since co-founding MarketPsych, Dr. Murtha has specialized in helping others apply behavioral finance to build relationships, increase assets under management and improve investment returns. He has trained thousands of financial professionals and consulted dozens of the world's leading financial institutions.

Changjie Liu, MFE


Changjie Liu is Head of Research at MarketPsych. He has been involved in sentiment research and trading strategies for the last six years. At MarketPsych he investigates quantitative asset trading models based on sentiment reactions in global markets.

Aleksander Fafula, PhD


For more than twelve years Dr. Fafula has worked on distributed systems related to data security and the financial markets. He has developed applications in cloud computing, data mining, time series modeling and artificial intelligence.

Tayyab Tariq


Mr. Tayyab Tariq is the Chief Technology Officer at Red Buffer. Mr. Tayyab is a Fulbright scholar with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, and BS in Computer Science degree from FAST – NUCES.

Mark Harbour, CFA/CPA/CIMA


Mark is the operational lead at MarketPsych Insights. He has worked as a senior integrated wealth manager to the high net worth and family office market segment for over 30 years. Mark is an active member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Los Angeles. He is a past National Chair of IMCAs Wealth Management Committee.

Aaron L Gilman, CFA/CFP


Aaron developed the Insights platform. He arrived at MarketPsych from the world of financial planning, portfolio management, and wealth management services. In addition, Aaron serves as the Chief Investment Officer and president of the wealth management division for a large RIA with a national footprint.

Diego Gutierrez


Mr. Gutierrez is CTO at MarketPsych. He has 20 years experience managing complex multitechnology projects in various industries. At MarketPsych, he architects queue handling, clustered components for horizontal scalability, on-demand hadoop clusters, and language interoperability.

Supported by a team of world-class technical personnel, and in partnership with Thomson Reuters and multiple academic groups

Latest Developments


July 29, 2016

We're excited to unveil a new service for financial advisors called MarketPsych Insights.  The Insights platform is a dynamic personality and risk-tolerance assessment designed to help advisors serve and manage their clients, better navigate their relationships, and achieve client goals in every market condition.  Please use the Insights Contact form for more information.  Subscriptions are currently inexpensive while it is in Beta.

July 27, 2016

In late September and early October 2016 we're visiting and speaking at events in Chicago, New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  If you'd like a discussion on investment psychology for a group you're affiliated with in one of those cities, please let us know.

June 30, 2016

Our latest sentiment-based research on Tesla (TSLA) from May 5, 2016 and Amazon (AMZN) versus Wal-Mart on June 13, 2016.

June 30, 2016

We're pleased to announce a new website.  Please let us know any questions or comments about the transition.

June 25, 2016

"How Data Science Predicted Brexit" (using the TRMI) by Tayyab Tariq


May 14, 2016

How To Time The Stock Market Using Media Sentiment -- Ky Trang Ho Forbes

May 01, 2016

Book Review: Trading On Sentiment -- Brenda Jubin

March 28, 2016

The ‘Brussels’ effect in investing -- Judy Martel

February 28, 2016

Beleggen met big data wordt langzaam gemeengoed (Dutch) -- Lenneke Arts, Jeroen Groot Dutch Financial Daily

January 24, 2016

Follow the Twitter feed to fat returns -- Attracta Mooney Financial Times

December 07, 2015

Why an Old Scam Keeps Landing in Your Inbox -- Daniel Huang Wall Street Journal

October 01, 2015

Understanding Bubbles -- Richard Peterson EXCHANGE MAGAZINE: Thomson Reuters

September 29, 2015

Sentimental Smarts -- Anna Reitman Automated Trader Magazine

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