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Latest News

April 16, 2014

MarketPsych's quant visionary CJ Liu is presenting a free public talk "The Roles of Emotions, Biases and Information Flows in Investment Decisions" alongside the Starmine group.  Click the city name below to register to attend the event page (for Tokyo meetings, please contact us directly): 

April 07, 2014

The recording of our March 19th webinar with Opticom on the "Sentimental Market Hypothesis" is now available for viewing.

April 01, 2014

Dr. Peterson is speaking for the Millburn, NJ AAII on Tuesday evening April 8th.

Recent Press

April 14, 2014

(Polish) Nowcasting, czyli przewidywanie teraźniejszości -- Anna Skopowska SII

March 30, 2014

Shut up already! It's not 1929 -- Chuck Jafffe MarketWatch

March 08, 2014

Are Small Investors a Sell Signal? -- Joe Light Wall Street Journal

April 06, 2014

How Will We Know When the Music Stops?

When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.
~ Chuck Prince, then CEO of Citigroup, in an interview with the Financial Times published July 10, 2007

At a party last weekend, I sat for a chat with a few of the guys.  The conversation turned to careers, and one man explained, "I've got a great new job with a startup.  I'm based in Denver now, flying all over for meetings.  The start-up is 15 people, but we could easily be at 150 in a year."  He went on to describe what sounded like a very exciting job, but after 5 minutes I realized it wasn't clear what he did for a living, nor did I understand the startup - neither its name, line of business, nor his role in the company. 

The conversation was stimulating, but I began to wonder if this conversation was evidence of a bubble.  I was reminded me of the shoeshine boy offering stock tips before the stock market crash of 1929. 

As we discussed in this past newsletter, bubbles create - and destroy - immense wealth. And as noted here, it is vitally important not to lose the wealth we gain during a bubble.  As a result, spotting bubbles and timing their demise is a key discipline to growing and maintaining wealth.

Despite the negative returns in bank prop trading and hedge funds this year, there is finally a party on Wall Street.  It took several years post-crisis for stock day-traders (i.e. the investing equivalents of underage drinkers) to emerge.  But here they are, enjoying massive volatility (mostly positive) in electric vehicles, biotechs, 3-D printing, and other high-flying stock groups.

Today's newsletter addresses the question - "Are we in an equities bubble?", and if so when should we exit.  It goes on to offer a risk management checklist to keep you grounded when your investments are performing well.

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World Markets

- (30 day data)

Price Buzz Sntment EconCft GvtAngr
United States +1.4%
United Kingdom +1.5%
Germany +1.1%
Japan -0.5%
China -0.3%
India +3.5%

updated 2014-04-24


- (30 day data)

Price Buzz Sntment MktFcst CaryTrd
US Dollar +0.1%
Euro -0.1%
Brazilian Real +3.7%
Japanese Yen -0.3%

updated 2014-04-24


- (30 day data)

Price Buzz Sntment ProdVol CnsmVol
Crude Oil +1.2%
Natural Gas +7.5%
Gold -1.5%
Corn +3.9%

updated 2014-04-24

US Sectors

- (30 day data)

Price Buzz Sntment Innovat EarnExp
Technology -0.9%
Energy +7.5%
Utilities +4.2%
Financials -0.5%
Industrials +3.3%

updated 2014-04-24

US Large Cap

- (30 day data)

Price Buzz Sntment MktRisk FundStr
Apple +5.2%
Bank of America -4.9%
General Electric Co +3.3%
JP Morgan Chase -6.2%
Microsoft +0.2%
Wal-Mart Stores +2.7%

updated 2014-04-24

Countries Top Lists

- (30 day data)

Highest Lowest
Brazil Saudi Arabia
Sweden Ireland
Turkey Pakistan
Norway Italy
Germany France
Highest Lowest
Pakistan Hong Kong
South Korea Singapore
Israel China
South Africa Switzerland
Saudi Arabia Brazil

updated 2014-04-24

Currencies Top Lists

- (30 day data)

Highest Lowest
Norwegian Krone Russian Ruble
Singapore Dollar Swedish Krona
Indonesian Rupiah Egyptian Pound
Canadian Dollar Mexican Peso
Brazilian Real Japanese Yen
Highest Lowest
Turkish Lira Brazilian Real
British Pound Russian Ruble
Indian Rupee Swedish Krona
Egyptian Pound Swiss Franc
Thai Baht Mexican Peso

updated 2014-04-24

Commodities Top Lists

- (30 day data)

Highest Lowest
Orange Juice Gold
Palladium Corn
Rice Soybeans
Natural Gas Wheat
Coffee Crude Oil
Highest Lowest
Cattle Palladium
Natural Gas Soybeans
Heating Oil Orange Juice
Silver Corn
Rice Hogs

updated 2014-04-24

Equities Top Lists

- (30 day data)

Highest Lowest
Allied Nevada Gold Freescale Semiconductor Ltd
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co Dunkin' Brands Group
Stryker Rite Aid
Weight Watchers International Accenture PLC
Mylan St Jude Medical
Highest Lowest
Oshkosh Vectren
Family Dollar Stores Hospira
Spirit Aerosystems Holdings JP Morgan Chase
Nike Target Cp
Textron Vmware

updated 2014-04-24